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All About Our Organic Cotton

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Baby and kid wear is serious business to us. After all, these garments are going next to little ones’ delicate skin! So when designing our collections of bodysuits and tees, we searched far and wide for the very best fabric.

The winner? 100% organic cotton that carries the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard Programme) label.

Why? It’s not just about its superior coziness — although we love that, too.

It’s because organic cotton reflects our commitment to being an eco-conscious and environmentally responsible company.

Here’s how.

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It’s better for little ones.

Unlike conventionally grown cotton, organic cotton contains no pesticides, no insecticides, and no GMOs. That means higher quality and cleanliness…and lower risk of asthma, allergies, eczema, and other health issues associated with harsh chemicals.

It’s more durable and longer-lasting.

Those same harsh chemicals shorten the lifespan of conventional cotton, weakening the fabric and causing it to break down after as few as 20 washes. Organic cotton holds up for far longer, getting softer and cozier over time, so you get more wear out of your garments.

It’s better for growers.

Our organic cotton is fair trade, with humane working conditions and wages for the farmers and workers who make it. Because the care that goes into our clothes should be present at every step in the supply chain.

It’s better for the planet.

Organic cotton uses far less water and produces half as much CO2 as conventional cotton. And because it’s grown without pesticides, insecticides, or GMOs, it’s much more in harmony with Mother Earth.

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