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Buying children's clothing: 5 criteria for choosing them wisely

 When it comes to buying clothes for your children, you want to ensure that your little ones are comfortable in their attire while being dressed stylishly. With the myriad of children's clothing brands available in the market, it can be challenging to select the right outfits for your young boy or girl.

You might seek advice from your parents, in-laws, neighbors, or friends who are parents themselves. Consequently, you end up with an information overload and perhaps even conflicting advice, leaving you simply perplexed.



To assist you in this endeavor and make your next shopping trip with your little one more enjoyable, we've outlined five of the most important factors to consider when purchasing children's clothing.


Choosing organic fabrics and natural materials is essential.


Children have sensitive skin, so opt for clothes made from natural and eco-friendly fibers like linen, cotton, and hemp, among others. These materials offer warmth or freshness, softness, and protection, allowing your little one's skin to breathe.

Nowadays, there are even fabrics made from soy fibers that are durable (environmentally friendly) and silky, providing gentle comfort for children's skin. It's advisable to avoid clothes made from synthetic materials like nylon and polyester, even if they are cheaper.

These materials can cause irritation and discomfort to the skin due to their inability to absorb moisture and regulate children's body temperature, leading to excessive sweating and skin allergies. Moreover, choosing eco-friendly clothes for your child unconsciously influences their consumption habits and teaches them to protect our planet!


Pay attention to the safety aspect of clothing.


Every year, millions of children's clothes are recalled because they don't meet safety standards. Therefore, it's crucial to buy children's clothing that doesn't pose safety issues. When shopping, check that accessories like knots, buttons, flowers, and hooks don't present choking hazards and are securely attached.

Clothes with cords and belts should not pose any danger or risk of strangulation for children. Be cautious of clothes made from flammable textile materials! Clothes are in constant contact with the skin 24/7. It's paramount for the clothes our children wear to be free from any chemical that could be harmful to their health. Not only does their skin absorb these chemicals, but toddlers who tend to chew on their clothes are more likely to ingest these harmful chemical compounds.


Choose the right size.


Purchasing an adorable outfit for your child only to find it too small can be disappointing and a waste of time. Let alone dealing with returns or exchanges. Therefore, ensure to buy clothes that fit their size. Keep in mind that children grow astonishingly fast, so make sure to consider their growth rate when making purchases.

A handy tip: if your child falls between two sizes, it's better to opt for the larger size. To maximize the use of your little one's clothes, buy items one size up. This way, they'll enjoy their clothes for a longer period! Some emerging brands also offer adjustable clothes that grow with the children. Think about it!


Balance comfort and functionality in clothing.


summer children clothes

When buying children's clothes, consider their functionality. Is my child comfortable and able to move freely?

Does this material keep them warm in summer? Clothes made from linen are undoubtedly among the most comfortable. Preserving warmth in winter and providing coolness in summer, linen can be worn effortlessly throughout the seasons due to its thermo-regulating properties. It's an ideal fabric for those living in tropical regions like ours. Additionally, it softens with each wash and lasts a long time. Adjust your purchase based on your geographical location and the seasons.


Invest in quality, even if it means spending more.


When buying children's clothes, don't settle for the lowest prices in the name of frugality. We're certainly not promoting outrageously expensive prestigious brands here. However, never compromise on quality for the price.

In fact, there aren't really clothes at low prices, as they want you to believe. We invite you to read our article "The Myth of Cheap Clothes" on this topic.

Yes, quality clothing may have a higher price tag because the raw material itself is more expensive, as is the case with linen, for example. But consider this purchase as an investment. These clothes will last longer and can be passed down from one child to another if you plan to have more than one child. You'll save in the long run. Buying superior quality, well-designed clothes will provide you peace of mind.


Prioritize quality over quantity. There are numerous quality children's clothing brands, designed by parents, crafted with care, and affordable, both online and in stores.


Now, tell us what you think by leaving a comment and whether these criteria were helpful during your shopping experience.

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