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washing baby clothes


It is important to take care of baby's skin, which is more sensitive and fragile. For this, washing your clothes requires certain precautions, in order to avoid any form of aggression.   


Which detergent to choose for baby? How to go about avoiding irritation and effectively eliminating bacteria? Five tips to follow for properly washing toddler clothes. 

1. Sort

Before putting baby's laundry in the washing machine, it is best to sort by color, washing temperature and type of fabric. Light colors should therefore be separated from darker tones, while towels and bibs that can be washed at 90°C should be washed separately from more delicate clothing, such as dresses or trousers.

For certain fragile materials such as wool, it is strongly recommended to opt for hand washing. This is generally indicated on the clothing label when it is necessary. Once you have sorted, be careful not to overfill the machine, for more efficient washing.

2. Choose just one (good) product

The dermis, the thickest layer of the skin, constitutes a natural barrier against daily aggressions. In toddlers, this barrier is not yet thick and waterproof enough to protect their skin. It is therefore important to choose baby detergent carefully.

Whether liquid, powder or capsules, select a gentle detergent without phosphate and allergens, classified hypoallergenic, and limit yourself to that. In fact, there is no need to add fabric softener or fabric softener, unless you find one of these products that is allergen-free. Otherwise, it is better to refrain from adding them to your laundry.

3. Select the right temperature

clothing for kids

It is of course essential to adapt the washing temperature to the type of laundry. Towels, bed linen, bibs and even bath sheets can be cleaned at 90°C.

Baby underwear such as bodysuits or briefs can be put in the washing machine at 60°C. Moreover, prefer cotton underwear to be more respectful of baby's skin.

As for other clothes such as pajamas, dresses, t-shirts or even pants, it is better to choose a cycle at 30 or 40°C, so that they do not get damaged. For delicate garments, especially those made of wool, it is recommended to wash them by hand or select a cold cycle in the machine. Refer to the label on the garment to find out which option to choose.

For stubborn stains, opt for the maximum washing temperature indicated on the label, preceded by a mini pre-wash with a mild stain remover.

4. Wash new clothes before use

Did you buy new baby clothes? Even if you can't wait to see them worn by your child, you must not forget the essential step of the first wash. It must be done with an allergen-free detergent, in order to remove all residues of dyes and other chemical and irritating substances.

Putting new clothes in the washing machine before putting them on your baby eliminates a large part of these toxic products and avoids harming your baby's skin.

5. Make sure to rinse

Always with the aim of respecting baby's skin, it is important not to neglect rinsing their clothes. Forget short wash cycles for your child's laundry. On the contrary, if in doubt about rinsing, do not hesitate to run an additional rinse cycle, in order to remove any detergent residue.

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