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protect its baby from heatand cold

Protecting baby from heat and cold: clothes for every season

Toddlers are much more sensitive to temperatures than adults. At the end of the year, you must be extra vigilant to protect them from winter illnesses, and in summer, wear light clothing to relieve them from the heat. How to dress your child according to the seasons? Here are some tips for dressing appropriately all year round.

In Spring, be careful of changing temperatures

Spring is a rather deceptive season since the sun often comes out but the rain is always present, intermittently. To avoid any surprises, remember to check the weather daily and cover your child so that he or she is not too hot or too cold.

The ideal outfit for your little one? Light pants or jeans, a t-shirt and a vest that you can easily remove if necessary. Also, always bring a blanket with you for stroller rides and, if necessary, protection against the rain.

In summer, protect him/her from the heat

During extreme heat and particularly during heatwave periods, it is recommended to leave toddlers in diapers at home.

When going out, opt for light-colored clothing so as not to attract heat, and for materials, choose cotton or linen clothing. 

Furthermore, glasses and a hat are essential to protect your child from the sun.

For shoes, leave them barefoot if they are in a stroller, or choose open sandals for walks with older children. If your child is too hot or sweaty, bring a bodysuit or a change of clothes when you go out.

In autumn, shelter your child from the rain.

In autumn, it rains! You must therefore bring warm clothing but above all one that protects it from this rainy season. The essentials for this time of year are undoubtedly waterproof coats, rain boots, headgear, hooded vests. To prevent him from catching a cold, your child must also be well covered with sufficiently warm clothing.

In winter, protect it from the cold.

It is in winter that children get sick most often and it is not for nothing that they are called "winter illnesses".

So to avoid any risk, you should dress your child in the most appropriate way to protect them above all against the cold. What clothes to wear in winter?

Down jackets, sweaters, pants or tights, fur-lined clothing and shoes, gloves, hats, fur-lined boots, scarves and thick socks are essential. The tip: tuck the pants into the socks, all into the boots to prevent snow and rain from getting inside. Same thing for gloves: preferably placed over the child's sweater.

Smart clothes

Did you know that certain children's clothing alone can protect them from the sun or temperatures? In fact, some long-sleeved t-shirts are specially designed to protect them from the sun's UV rays. Ideal for taking them to the beach in complete safety. 

Here is another practical and useful piece of clothing: the thermal bodysuit. In summer and during heatwaves, this garment with technical fibers and made of light textiles helps wick away moisture. 

The child thus remains dry, does not feel hot and maintains a feeling of comfort. Other bodysuits allow the child's body temperature to be regulated when those outside vary.

Remember that toddlers have more difficulty regulating their body temperature. These new generation clothes can therefore be a solution for certain seasons of the year.

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