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things make baby happy

10 things that make babies happy

Human beings cannot live without certain needs, such as air to breathe, food and sleep. Babies have few needs, but these are essential for their existence. Here are 10 tips to make your little treasure happy. 

10 things that make babies happy


Without mom or dad, the little being is helpless. During his first weeks of life, he therefore constantly seeks direct contact with his parents. It is scientifically proven that proximity is good for him. 

Newborns develop better, are less stressed and more balanced when they are close to their parents.


Food is one of the basic human needs and your child will loudly act out when he is hungry. For him, it's about survival. However, each child has their own rhythm, especially toddlers – so adapt to your baby’s needs.


A baby is curious and wants to discover the world. The first months, he does not need toys, because his parents are his favorite toy. Make sounds, smile at your child, sing and imitate them. He will really enjoy his time with you.


Even if your child is active, he needs a lot of calm to deal with new impressions. Long visits or lots of new toys are beyond him. On the other hand, a short walk in the stroller or reading a picture book before nighttime will help him calm down and fall asleep better.

Parents full of tenderness

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Even if the first days and weeks are exhausting and you are sometimes at your limit, enjoy your child, because time flies!


Many babies like to be held close to mom or dad. Know that by doing this, you do not risk “spoiling” your child too much.


Your child knows your voice and the beat of your heart. In the new world he discovers, it gives him a feeling of security. Knowing things will help your baby deal with new situations. Is he going to meet someone new? If possible, take him in your arms to reassure him.

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Are you exhausted and need a break? Ask your partner to go for a short walk with your child. Being exhausted is not good for you or your baby.


Babies need around 20 hours of sleep a day, with breaks in between. From the first weeks of life, you can begin to slowly accustom your child to the natural day-night rhythm. During the day, you can occupy him a little after breastfeeding and changing him. At night, however, it is advisable to speak softly and avoid changing it and turning on the light.

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Little ones discover their body by making their first movements and the older they get, the more they enjoy wriggling, turning, grabbing objects.

Set up a nice place for your child on a soft blanket and let your little ray of sunshine discover their feet, hands and stomach while dressing them as little as possible.

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